Team FireLight is an amateur Starcraft 2 team primairly used to have fun and overall imrpovement. Latley it has grown into a community of a lot of Starcraft players with ranks streatching from Silver to Masters.

The team is organizing daily tournaments on Playhem and are playing Clanwars versus other teams.

Roster Edit

Masters: Katten, Rio, ShoWtimE, Kuma, MoCaNu, Pinapple, ForTheDream (FLRookie), Blackbird

Diamonds: Jarod, Tymli, toSai, Klaidno, Poseidon, Complexity, Sulk, Kozan, Rocky

Platinums: , TheInnocent, Cruiser, GnubbZ

Golds: Mcrwvr

Silvers: PodINJEKT, Noodle, OneLovE (SOS)

Broleague: KamCzaTka

Cheesers (Wood League): Dodo

All-time Legends: Riddy

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