Biography Edit

Rocky is a 16 years old Zerg player from Sweden currently placed in Diamond League. He is know to the clan as humoristic and fucked up, a living joke with the Imba 2 Hotkeys. With great chance of improvement becuase of his will to lern and improve he hopes to reach Masters latest in August.

Constant brag about the Gamecon Plantronics Tournament were he was knocked out in RO16 against the Finish player Satiini that finished 2nd after losing to White, a Ukrainian player.

Playstyle Edit

His playstyle varies between the different races, recently he switched to a more macro intense playstyle as opposed to his earlier more all-inish style. He relies on good decisition making and forcing his opponent to multitask more than they want. Even though he doesnt have the highest Apm, he still has decent multitasking.

Tournaments and other acheivements Edit

Group A Gamecon Plantronics (Winner 10-0) [1]

RO16 Gamecon Plantronics EU (4-1 VS Satiini) [2]

Just like everyone else, won over Riddy using only 1 MULE