A well known fact about Kozan is that he in fact happens to be TotalBiscuits twin brother, who is alot better at starcraft 2 then TotalBiscuit himself actually is. This impressive abillity to be better at video games then TotalBisuit came with Kozan at birth, a true gift from the gods.

Kozan's highest achievement in Firelight is most likely that he all killed in one of the teamleagues, with a off-race. After long and painfull training build order sessions with Defaced, and advice from the great FLRiddy and the less so great NaNiWa, and spiritual guidance from LiquidHero. Now some people might say its rude to use his stunning looks to make 3 guys fall in love with him so he can make them train him in sc2. Ofcourse Kozan never took it further then sc2 since he is not a homoseksual. Unless he could clone himself that he said would be a great turn on.

But ofcourse Kozan is most known and maybe I should say legendary, for having 17 penises, and his challange of life to find a girl with 17 vaginas.

This Kozan we speak of can be found drunk in teamspeak most nights, normally fridays, where he as no normall meaning being or doing. Some people just laugh at this out of mindness which is his downfall. Also to this very day still still dreams about FLRiddy coming to help him get to masters. This is shown when we randomly starts talking to himself in teamspeak about this god, when he is drunk, and no one can hear or see him in chat. Some people say that kozan is losing his mind and this is all to do with play gragas on League of Legends for sooooooooo long!!!

even tho Kozan doesnt play League of Legends : O