He is a young, successfull player but unfortunetly he stopped playing.Edit

His career started in beta, when he always took place in TOP8 diamond league (which was highest league in beta).

In first 2 seasons was very succesful for him, he ended as TOP3 in masters league. He ended his career because he realized that this game has not been balanced enough but he still manages to win vs protoss as zerg. We really hope someday he will return in glory and great shape!

Few quotes from professional players: Edit

"He is amazing" - White-Ra

"His great macro skills and multi tasking were above players these days" - akTazCmaK

"He was great hope for foreigns" - iloveoov

"What a shame that he stopped, i always wanted to play with him" - oGs.MC

"Was a good player, with my help and guidence he be came a world beater. But what has he don't with this??" - FLRiddy