Cameron "GnubbZ" Shearer


Name: Cameron "GnubbZ" Shearer
Born: 11 September, 1986.
Lives: Dundee, Scotland.
Nationality: British


Mid-November 2010, GnubbZ joined the ranks of Team Firelight as a bright eyed and ambitious Protoss player. GnubbZ tags himself as “The Platinum Protoss” for the obvious reason of being in the platinum league, which he has been in for the past 4 seasons now.

Although GnubbZ still has the ambition to become a great player, real life has taken its toll on him for the duration on 2012 meaning his play time has dramatically dropped to a level where improvement is almost impossible.

GnubbZ hopes to break this “Forever Platinum” stigma and make the breakthrough to Diamond by the middle of the year. He hopes to accomplish this with hard and lengthy practice and a little help from the team, beginning March 2012 when his schedule is going to become less hectic!

GnubbZ currently lives in Dundee, Scotland, with his wife Lynsey (a non-gamer!) and works full-time as a web designer.





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