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Born on the 1st of May 1992 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Currently a forum moderator on forums and a member of the best SC2 team there is (FireLight).

StarCraft Brood War career (2003-2008):Edit

Nicknames: CrZy_ScV, MicroMaster, Dodo

Race: ALL

Played it only with friends from school and I was always the best from the bunch, but now that I look back to it, I was pretty sh*t!!! (Doesn't matter though, cause I had great fun playing the game and owning my mates!)

VIDEO: Dodo(MicroMaster) vs 2 ex-schoolmates LONG time ago.

Dota career (2006-2011):Edit

Nicknames: JesusNpaws, MYmo_United, MYM0

Clan/Team: MeetYourMothers (MYmo); Position in clan: Elite Member

Achievments: Garena Level 25, 1 (one) year ban (YES!) from all Bulgarian High Level rooms for leaving a game... Hello, EU!

VIDEO: Dodo playing Dota - Retarded Dota Skills - Garena HLR's

Starcraft 2 1v1 career (March, 2011-Present):Edit

Nicknames: Dodo, FLDodo, FLǂDodo

Season 1: Silver->Platinum Zerg

VIDEO: Dodo vs Asme - FLDM'1(FireLight DeathMatch 1) - Casted by IMBA TV

Season 2: Platinum->Master Zerg

VIDEO: Dodo vs Defaced - Emo Corner Invitational

Season 3: Master Zerg->Platinum Protoss

VIDEO: Dodo vs Some guy... Got micro? PvP - Ladder

Season 4: Platinum->Diamond Protoss

Season 5: Diamond Protoss

Season 6: Diamond Protoss

Season 7: Diamond Protoss

During all these seasons Dodo only used a few tactics which the majority of these involved cheesing in some way. In season 1-3 as zerg Dodo's main tactic was to 6 pool and follow up with mutalisks, this was very annoying to any protoss he came in contact with. After his Swap to brotoss he also started to cheese. this Involved cannon rushes and his main tactic, the 4 gate. However, Dodo then met his match in the form of FLRiddy during a Firelight weekly tournament. Where suprisingly FLRiddy stopped trolling for a game and 4-gated Dodo back, thus beating Dodo with his ninja pylon at dodo's expansion. Dodo then learnt that cheese can backfire. he also learnt where one of FLRiddy's favourite saying comes from: "Fight Cheese with Cheese". He is still found cheesing today as a Diamond Protoss, Nobody knows wether or not Dodo can actually play a real game of starcraft without any kind of cheese! So if you are up against FLDodo, honor the master. Or as FLRiddy would say: 'fight cheese with cheese'. After telling all your friends the legendary dodo still plays today, beat the cheeser using an excess amount of pylons.

oh, and cannons too.